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Unreported Court Orders

Contained on this page are some unreported Court Orders helpful in the defense of Dangerous Dog litigation


Schoendorf v. City of Spokane  - 2007- Washington Superior Court - Dogs declared dangerous after eyewitness identified them as roaming at large, killing a cat and threatening a jogger. Court ruled that under the procedures used by City of Spokane, there was a very high risk of erroneous deprivation. They did not follow the procedures mandated in Mansour v. King. Thus, the Dangerous Dog finding was reversed.  The court further said the Schoendorfs were entitled to attorney fees.


Gomez v. Broward County Animal Care and Regulation Division - 2010 - Broward County Florida County Court - Zeus's classification reversed based on the fact that the person attacked was trespassing.  Good language regarding the shoddy investigation by Animal Control and the inability of the Hearing Officer to properly consider the evidence.

Stefaniw v. Marion County  - 2010 - Marion County, Florida County Court Order reversing Dog Classification Board's designation of ULU as a dangerous dog.

Henshall v. Volusia County Animal Control  - 2003 - Volusia County Court Order declaring Volusia County Dangerous Dog Ordinance unconstitutional in so far as the Ordinance does not provide for the defense of provocation.

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