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Firu Goes Home!

Firu Goes Home!

firuFiru, the dog horribly injured when dragged behind a truck, went home today after spending almost two months at the vet.  You can learn more about Firu on his Facebook page.

Pip and Lily Trial Held

Pip and Lily Case Tried In Clay County


The case of Pip and Lily, the two boxers on death row in Clay County, Florida, was tried Wednesday, July 28, 2010, before Judge Timothy Collins. I traveled to Green Cove Springs Wednesday to try the case with Marcy Lahart. You haven't heard from me via the site for a few days due to travel, trial preparation and trial.

Pip and Lily were to be destroyed after getting loose and biting a woman in the arm while she was holding a dog over her head to protect it from attack.


Pip & Lily Leave Death Row

Pip and Lily Leave Death Row


It was a tearful scene Tuesday at Happy Dog Inn as Pip and Lily left "death row" and were transported out of Clay County.  Tears of sadness that they would be leaving after being kept there for months, tears of joy that their lives were spared and they would be given a second chance at life.  At two years old, they have a lot more life to live.

Pip and Lily were ordered euthanized after they accidentally got out, attacked a dog and then bit a Clay County woman who was holding the attacked dog over her head.  In a trial that was held several weeks ago, the judge heard testimony from a dog behaviorist that the dogs were not people aggressive and could be rehabilitated.  A person also testified that he would be willing take the dogs to another county and be responsible for the their care and training. The owner of the Happy Dog Inn testified that while they had been in her care, they had been model citizens.


Downey v. Pierce County

Downey v. Pierce County, Washington

Adam Karp, Esq., for Blizzard


Our esteemed colleague Adam Karp is representing Blizzard in an appeal of his dangerous dog classification.  We will be following this case as it winds through the appellate courts in Washington State.  The appeal and Writ of Certiorari can be found here.

Using Mansour v. King, Karp argues that the procedure used by Pierce County Animal Services to declare Blizzard dangerous denied the owner/guardian due process. Particularly onerous was the hearing officer's change of the designation of Blizzard from potentially dangerous to dangerous without any notice to the owner/guardian. The owner/guardian was denied any subpoena power, nor was there any recording of the proceedings below.

Karp also raises the issue of the proper standard of proof, which, as in Mansour, he argues should be clear and convincing, given the quasi-criminal nature of the proceedings. 

We will keep you apprised of further developments.


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